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background for recourses
background for recourses

Additional Resources

  1. Writing is a difficult process that requires technical skills, curiosity, fire within you, and inspiration. Writing makes you vulnerable. Writing makes you powerful. It can become your source of strength or a challenge for most valued beliefs. On whatever path writing takes you, we hope that you will grow as a person and as a writer, and eventually, you will share some of your works with the world through Calliope. To help you, we have added some useful links and materials.


  • A TED Talk about creativity, failure and success, and the passion within you that helps you not to give up

  • A TED Talk about the dangers of a single story, representation, and search for the author’s voice

Storytelling Resources

  • Below is are links to a couple of Youtube Video for more info on storytelling

  • Free sources for writers that include tips and insights, links to extra materials as well as interviews

background for recourses
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