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Calliope team believes that you are not born a writer or an artist – you become one through work and commitment to your calling. This is why we share recources we find online and organize workshops for LCC students. The online events have been

video recorded or preserved in the form of notes and links. 

Calliope's Resources

Storytelling by J.D. Mininger

The workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about the structure and its elements of successful stories.

Creative Research by Tracey Haney Finch

Watch this workshop to learn about creative research, its features and benefits, and the connection between a class paper and a creative research paper.


  • A TED Talk about creativity, failure and success, and the passion within you that helps you not to give up

  • A TED Talk about the dangers of a single story, representation, and search for the author’s voice

Storytelling Resources

  • Below is are links to a couple of Youtube Video for more info on storytelling

  • Free sources for writers that include tips and insights, links to extra materials as well as interviews

Additional Resources

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